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Basin Penny Ornaments A Month Join Now!
Every month for 10 months you will receive hand dyed felted wools for each of these Penny Ornaments.
Pattern included.
Each measures 4 inches
Can Sign Up Anytime!

Sale--was 5.00

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Ref # bom_basinpennyornamentsw      $4.50 ea         Quantity:  

Love Is Spoken Block a Month Join Now!
Love is Spoken Here is a very special quilt celebrating home, family and love. It can be made as just the Banner piece or the whole quilt. Roses, poppies, violets, hibiscus, dahlias and gladiolas circle around emblems of heart and home. Birds and dragonflies complete the family portrait. Wherever the home and heart is, love is spoken here.
Measures 59 x 72
Can sign up anytime!
Sale--was 0.00

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Ref # bom_loveisspokenw      $ 0.00 ea         Quantity:  

On A Dark Wooly Night Block a Month Join Now!
Every month for 8 months you will receive the pattern and the wools that are needed for that month. We will be using hand dyed felted wools. This is somewhat like a mystery block a month!!
January: All wools for the background, spooky olde field, path, and 2 olde trees
February: Wools for 2 olde corn stalks and fence
March: Dead grass(16) 2 small dead trees, 4 pumpkins and Oh Dear, one is smashed!!
April: Three frightening jack-oh-lanterns
May: Moon and dark night lettering
June: Poe's Raven and watchful cat
July: Caldron, boiling witch, cheerful witch dancing on the fence
August: Wicked Pointy Border

Drawing picture shows all the creepy elements but the figures are not as close together on the actual wool applique design!

Do You DARE to go on this Hair Raising Adventure With Us?!!!

To join our block a month programs just add a 1 to your cart and go to checkout. You will automatically receive an email for your order and once we receive your order you will automatically receive your blocks monthly.
Sale--was 17.95

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Ref # bom_onadarkwoolynightw      $16.16 ea         Quantity:  

Woolen Pinkeepers A Month Santa Moon
Every month for 12 months you will receive enough hand dyed felted wools for the top, backing and the pattern. We will be using marbled, plaids, stripes, herringbone, tweeds, houndstooth wools.
You will receive a Month 13 free of charge for the wools, pattern, and shipping when you join this and complete all 12!
Each are different sizes.
Can sign up anytime!
Woolen Pinkeepers A Month
Santa Moon measures 6 x 6
Sale--was 16.95

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Ref # bom_000000woolenpinkeepersantamoonx      $15.25 ea         Quantity:  

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